Ventilation grilles

 Metal facade ventillation grilles
Metal facade ventillation grilles

manufacturer: RESTES

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Akvilon ltd. manufactures exterior ventilation grilles.

Exterior facade ventilation grilles. External louvres grilles.

Material: Standard: Galvanized tin, PE painted tin
Extras: stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc, and others.
Production time: 3-5 working days. (In case of production is loaded - order production time will be longer)
We can paint grille in needed color.

Prices on request.

Exterior, facade, or as they are commonly called louvres serve to intake or exhaust air to prevent ingress of foreign matter and sediment in the ventilation system.

Additional equipment
External grille can be equipped with a protective grid (10x10 cell) or mosquito cloth.

ventilācijas fasādes restes

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