Exhaust hoods

BFN5  Round exhaust hood without grease filters
BFN5 Round exhaust hood without grease filters

manufacturer: Akvilon

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Radius form exhaust canopy

Exhaust hood is a local element in ventilation system, without grease filters, that removes airborne grease and smoke.
Exhaust hoods are used over kitchens, cooking equipment, manufacturing industry, above welding devices and fires.
Hoods may be made from stainless steel, galvanized sheet metal or PE (colored sheet metal with polyester covering).
Non-standard sizes, diameters, and other dimensions by order
Exhaust hoods made to measure.

Fume extraction canopies. Manufactured to order from 0.5 - 0.9 mm galvanised mild steel. Ideal for welding and general fume extraction within industrial environments (not suitable for commercial kitchen extraction). Hoods can be supplied in a flatback design - enabling installation against a wall, or a symmetrical configuration i.e in the plan view the top spigot is centrally located. General dimensions, design, and spigot sizes can be selected on the following pages.

Please note that these hoods are aimed at industrial and commercial applications. The finish may show signs of the manufacturing process. They are not recommended for domestic use, and/or in situations where aesthetics are of paramount importance.

Hoods do not include fans.

Extra equipment and materials:
•    ventilation ducts
•    ventilation fans

•    installation materials

Exhaust hoods by order:
•    non-standard sizes and diameters 
•    from other material (sheet metal, colored sheet metal, copper, stainless steel, surface bright-polished BA, mat 2b surface, steel of the cold rolling, aluminium....).

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