Exhaust hoods

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and industrial canopies

Akvilon ltd. produces Stainless Steel Extract Canopies Made to Measure , square or tapered style extract Hood, standard manufactured from 430 Grade Stainless Steel thickness starting from 0.6mm, different finishes and either painting is possible.
Complete with filters, welded corners and drip tray.
   Industrial fume extraction canopies. Manufactured to order from 0.6-1.0mm 430/304 grade stainless steel (different finishes), galvanised steel. Ideal for welding and general fume extraction within industrial environments. Hoods can be supplied in a flatback design - enabling installation against a wall, or a symmetrical configuration i.e in the plan view the top spigot is centrally located.
   We offer both standardized extraction hoods, which the customer can choose the  in the e-catalog on this page, as well  non-standard solution at the customer's dimensions, the projects and the required configuration.
  We offer exraction hood installation services - for kitchens and industry.
  We offer bespoke kitchen ventilation systems delivered fastly, and with a range of different canopies in all shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find an extraction solution to suit you.
  For more information please contact us, best over e-mail. We do our best to answer and qoute all emails.
 We provide delivery service to any EU country
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