Chimney flue systems

Chimney flue systems

Akvilon Ltd. produce stainless steel single-wall and insulated chimneys with CE certificate. The company produce chimneys suitable for heating, fireplaces, bathhouses, industrial, diesel generators. We offer high quality chimney system elements for good prices. 

Single-wall stainless steel flues (RENOFAST)

System produced from stainless steel (stainless steel sheet EN 1.4404/EN 1.4301, thickness from 0.5mm till 1.2mm). Available diameters from 80 to 800 mm.

We produce not only single-walled round flue pipe system, but also single-wall oval chimneys with cross-sectional dimensions of 110x180mm and 110X225mm, which helps to make best use of the rectangular brick flue.

Insulated double-wall flue systems from stainless steel (IZOKOMPAKT)

They are produced from stainless steel, consists of internal flue pipe (stainless steel sheet from 0.6mm) with fire resistant insulation 50mm thick (basalt rock wool 750°C) and bearing external casing from stainless steel, galvanized sheet metal or colored/painted tin. We offer Industrial insulated chimney systems as well.


We guarantee our products quality and compliance with EU regulations. The company is constantly working to improve quality, investing in production equipment and improving the production process and quality control. We are confident that we are able to offer high-quality European products made right here at home.




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