RENOFAST T600 - single wall liner

RENOFAST - single-wall flue liner system


   RENOFAST - qualitative single wall flue pipe system is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, mark AISI304L / 316L, wall thickness from 0.6mm. Chimney system made in Latvia, manufacturer Akvilon Ltd. RENOFAST system is certified, CE marked and comply with the objective Latvian LVS EN-1856-2 standard requests. The system was tested in a special chimney system testing laboratory in Denmark.
   Local product, certified products available from stock, the European quality for good price.
   Single-wall RENOFAST chimney system designed for brick chimney liner - stainless steel liner is placed in a brick flue, thereby protecting the chimney from condensate and from combustion damaging of final products. The circular shape of metal flue pipe provides better traction.
   The flue pipe system is used for stoves, boilers and other heating appliance connection. RENOFAST suitable for heating devices which use a heating source materials such as: natural gas, petroleum products, wood and other combustible materials with exhaust gas temperature up to T = 600ºC. Chimneys from stainless steel are resistant to soot fire.
    We offer not only a single wall round chimneys, but also single-wall chimneys with an elliptical cross-sectional dimensions of 110x180mm (+/-5mm) and 110X225mm (+/-5mm) who ideally suited for brick masonry chimneys, which helps to make best use of the existing rectangular brick flue, connect the heating device for both rectangular narrow and wide side.

How to order?

  To order the chimney system you need to know: 1) The diameter of heating appliance output 2) Brick chimney dimensions 3) Chimney height. You can order by phone 29354755, by e-mail RENOFAST chimney system is available for diameters 100-200 from our stock. Non-standard orders execute within 2-5 working days.


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