Exhaust hoods

Stainless steel baffle grease filter
Stainless steel baffle grease filter

manufacturer: Akvilon

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  •  Stainless baffle filters are current regulation
  •  An alternative to the mesh grease filters
  •  Easy to clean and durable Standard or Made to measure sizes
  •  Material AISI 430 0.5-0.8mm
  •  Standard size 500x500 and 300x500
  •  Made to measure by your order

Baffles are evenly spaced pieces of metal that will direct the airflow as it is drawn into the commercial vent hood. There are several benefits to using the stainless steel baffle type of filter for the commercial hood

One of the main benefits to the baffle type of filter is that grease vapors can pass through more easily. Baffles will cause the grease vapors to swirl around as they are drawn through, and the grease will eventually settle onto the stainless steel baffles. Due to the heat that is generated from the cook top, the grease vapors that settle onto the baffles will form grease that will drip through the filter frame and not get trapped in the duct work or exhaust fans. This helps to reduce the amount of cleaning required in the ductwork.

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