Black stove flue pipe system

The black stove flue pipe system - is recommended for discharge of fumes and gases from fireplaces, fireplace inserts and solid fuel boilers. The system should be used as a connection (flue), between the heating appliance and the chimney. Intended to operate in vacuum mode, and the dry thermal load, not exceeding 600 ° C in continuous operation (temporarily up to 1000 ° C). The system consists of smooth-walled pipes and fittings, made of black steel sheet 2mm thick, painted surface heat-resistant paint. The individual elements are connected with each other plugged (belling), which ensures tightness and stability of the connection. The standard is performed in the range of diameters (120, 130, 150, 160, 180, 200 mm).

D-120,130,150,160,180,200 in stock. Other diametres and non-standart elements we produce by customer order.
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