About us


The company Akvilon Ltd. founded in 1993. Experience in the field of manufacturing and installation, professional team, specialized production equipment.

We offer:

  • Chimneys, flue pipe system production, assembly services.
  • Metal roofing, roof flashings, assembly and repair services.
  • Ventilation system manufacturing, packaging, installation.
  • Sheet metal details, metal profiles, decorative elements production,assembly.
  • Engineering consulting in these areas.

The manufacture and warehouse are located in Riga, Rencenu street 7.

The company has it own modern manufacture.  The space of the manufacture and warehouse is about 1500m2, more than 50 metal treatment equipment,  2+ manufacturing process control. The company has the right to mark it's own production with CE marking, and export to EU market.

We produce:

  • Chimneys, Chimney systems.  (Certificate of Conformity Nr. 1325-CPD-1661 and 1325-CPD-1662)
  • Metal roofing, roof flashings. (Certificate of Conformity Nr. 1804/2011).
  • Ventilation systems, exaust hoods. (Certificate of Conformity Nr. 1805/2011).
  • Sheet metal details, sheet metal profiles, decorative elements. (Certificate of Conformity Nr. 1804/2011).
  • A variety of welded details, mounting elements, stainless steel and black metal constructions.


The office and shop in Riga, Artilerijas street 44.

Office workers with engineering education offers you the following services:

  • Order confirmation.
  • Consultations - chimney and flue pipe system, ventilation system, roofing services.
  • Technical solutions - еechnical solution development.
  • Quotation or estimate preparation 1 - 2 days.


Specialized store, more than 700 items from the store warehouse at once!!!

  • Chimneys and flue pipe elements,  available diameters  100-200mm.
  • Ventilation round duct system, fittings, fans,  available diameters   100-315mm.
  • Rain gutter systems,   available diameters   100, 120, 125, 140, 150mm.
  • Roof flashings - roof hatch, roof aerator, deflector etc.
  • Metal sheet, metal - stainless steel, tin, aluminium (from the manufacture warehouse).
  • Mounting, accessories - professional sealent,  stainless steel riverts.


We offer assembly services

  • Flue pipe and ventilation systems assembly services.
  • Roofing services, roofing repair services.
  • Installation services, sheet metal details, metal profiles, decorative elements, welding services.

Our advantages:

  • The works shall be carried out only by professional roofers, tinsmiths, ventilation and flue pipe systems installers.
  • Human resources, constant workers.
  • The manufacture, machinery, material from the warehouse. 
  • All works are insured.
  • Working with guarantee.

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